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Stay Tuned….

Apr 29, 2008
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Finally getting back into the groove of things…  Sort of.  The "groove", but with the realization that it’s time to once again make some adjustments/changes to my schedule/time/priorities so that I can continue to narrow my focus on the stuff I ought to be focused on.  (This is becoming a theme in my life…)

ANYWAY…..that small rant just to mention that I’m planning to throw some more Exponential stuff onto the blog in the next day or two.  I’ve got some notes from Tim Keller, Alan Hirsch, and a few others that I haven’t posted yet. 

Stay tuned friends.

One Response to “Stay Tuned….”

  1. I know it wasn’t really the topic of your post but thanks for the reminder about being focused on what we are ‘to be about’. This is a constant tension that I face.

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