Scott Hodge


Study Day, 3pm

Jun 1, 2006


The 3pm grande coffee in a venti cup.

Nothing like it…

PS – This post is dedicated to my friend Perry Noble

6 Responses to “Study Day, 3pm”

  1. Perry says:

    STOP IT!!! You are KILLING me!!! Why do you constantly post about Starbucks on your site? Dude–they do not have one within 20 miles of where I live–you are torturing me dude!!!

  2. Betsy says:

    We have to know… what’s up with the hair? It’s getting out of control!
    My proof.

  3. Betsy says:

    Hmmm… That didn’t work.
    OK, try this.

  4. ted says:

    i’m sure we could use this picture sometime at church…lol!

  5. shannon says:

    I totally snorted I was laughing so hard at that picture!!!! Betsy you are a mess! Scott – There are some “hairy” similarities there….

  6. Ed says:

    All I can say about that picture comparison is that it is “incredible.”
    ack, cough, ah-hem sorry, bad joke.

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