Scott Hodge


Study Day Caffeine

Feb 16, 2006


It’s called a Racehorse.  4 shots of espresso, steamed milk & vanilla.  Dear Lord…

You might remember that I had the iced version a few months ago

4 Responses to “Study Day Caffeine”

  1. So where’s the picture of your mug after the first sip of this beheamoth?

  2. matt says:

    Some quick web calculations and I’ve discovered that your tasty beverage has enough caffeine in it to kill the average adult skunk.
    Dear Lord is right.

  3. Blair Farley says:

    If I drank that while prepping the sermon, I would need to have one when I present it too… so that my notes would make sense to me.

  4. ubertech says:

    as a recovering coffee addict I find that picture of the mug well, very attractive
    okay must go pray for re-deliverance now…

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