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Stuff Christians Like

Apr 14, 2008

The ability to chuckle at ourselves is always pretty darn valuable.  And it’s when we CAN’T chuckle at ourselves that we usually get ourselves in trouble.  So here’s a blog you have to check out that will probably give you a few laughs.  At least it did when Amanda and I read through some of these yesterday… 

It’s called Stuff Christians Like

Not sure if this idea came from Stuff White People Like, but it’s pretty funny, creative, and even a bit scary/sad.  Here are a few:

#149: Boycotting Stuff.

#148: War-themed Ministries.

#145: Weird Christian Dating Sites

#144: Wishing sin was not so fun.

#142: Gloria Estefan’s song "Coming out of the dark." 

#141: Getting freaky deaky with the Song of Solomon.

#140: Telling the pastor what his kids have been up to.

#137: Holding retreats at locations that could double as horror movies.

Oh man….  I’m laughing again as I type these.

Check out Stuff Christians Like.  I’m seeing a book in the near future…

2 Responses to “Stuff Christians Like”

  1. lor says:

    Prodigal Jon admits that Stuff Christians Like is a “direct rip off” of the Stuff White People like.
    Cracks me up.

  2. Jon Acuf says:

    Hey man-
    Thanks so much for mentioning my site, stuff christians like. It’s been a weird, wonderful ride thus far. I did indeed bite it from the stuff white people like concept, but number one on the list of things Christians like is putting a God spin on secular things, ala “Got milk” becomes “God God.” I thought is was a nice, ironic way to start.
    Anyway, thanks so much for checking out the site. The book is in progress. (Me typing that sentence is a reflection of how big God is not my writing ability). I still say the best ideas are coming from readers so if you have any that belong on the list please let me know.
    Drop me an email sometime. I’d like to hear what you have going on.

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