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Mar 2, 2007

Starting a new series this weekend at The Orchard – it’s called Stuff-N-Bucks: Cashing in on God’s ATM. 


A few of you hate the name, yes I know…  But that’s ok.  I like it (and not just because it sounds like STAR-BUCKS).  And hey – you can call your financial series whatever you want.  :)

I’ll post our series video bumper after this weekend. 

Happy Friday!

6 Responses to “Stuff-N-Bucks”

  1. DUDE – did I actually use the word HATE? Because that’s a strong word, man. I would only use it if I really meant it.
    Uh. Awkward moment.

  2. matt says:

    Please don’t just post the bumper, but give us some feedback on how the congregation received it. I often hear how pastors hate preaching on finances because a certain percentage of the congregatoin gets mad and/or leaves because of it.
    One pastor I know almost dreads talking about it and does it like and annual check up to the doctor. “I don’t want to, but I suppose I should” sort of thing.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to overcome this anxiety while keeping people happy.

  3. Kenny says:

    So is that your FINAL name choice?

  4. Isaac says:

    nice work with the logo design.
    I like the coat of arms look.

  5. John Kaiser says:

    Will you post the audio or video online?

  6. great design HODGE – you are “ALMOST” a pro – however it doesnt beat the STUFFNSTINK we are doing over at CCI with our GREEAAAAAAAAAT designs and logos – oh crap dont give anyone our web site…AAHHHHHHH!

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