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Sunday Morning……A.D.D. post

Nov 9, 2008

I'm sitting in my office getting ready to go out and speak at our 10:45am service, so I thought I'd throw out a bunch of stuff that's spinnin' in my head.  It's been a while….  Plus, I noticed that I received the hatchet on Ben's blogroll.  So I figured I better blog again SOON.  :)

  • Very, very convicting talk this weekend…  Teaching on the subject of "expectations" in our relationships – week #3 in our series, "Inked." 
  • Had a great time at the Related Leaders event in Peoria, Illinois this past week.  Talked a lot about change and expounded on three important questions for pastors: 1) Who has God best positioned us to reach?  2) What is it going to take to reach them? and 3) Am I willing to pay the price? 

  • REALLY enjoyed touring the Dream Center Peoria while I was there with Aaron Escamilla and a few guys from The Orchard team.  Riverside's work in Peoria blows my mind!  Definitely inspired the daylights out of me!
  • Our Christmas Eve Candlelight service planning is well underway!  This is one of our largest attended events of the year.  Last year we had four services.  This year we are planning five spread out over two days.  It's a ton of work, but we see it as quite a privilege and an AWESOME opportunity to reach TONS of people who don't normally attend church. 
  • Barack Obama is our next President.  Wow…  What a historic election!  And let me just say…  Christians who are freaking out about this election are getting on my nerves – BAD.  Grow up and trust God!  I don't remember seeing fear, anxiety, and worry listed as "fruits of the Spirit."  Let's pray for President-Elect Obama and ask God to guide and direct him as our new leader.  I think God can bless that a heck of a lot more than He can bless all the badmouthing and disrespectful attitudes. 

Ok, with all that said….it's time to go teach!  Have a great Sunday!

6 Responses to “Sunday Morning……A.D.D. post”

  1. Sarah Woodward says:

    I'm probably one of the "freaker-outers" you're referring to! But it's really hard not to be when one thinks of the damage Clinton did with the judges he put on the bench just to name one thing. And he was a moderate!!! But YES Obama needs our prayers, for sure, as someone this extremely liberal can do way more damage. I know God is in control, so it will be alright, it's that typical human urge to be comfortable that I'm fighting, because this will be very uncomfortable. I'm believing that God is using this in some unseen way to bring more people to HIM. Boy would I like to be in on how He does it!

  2. Ted Egly says:


    Great point about Barrack. Whether one agrees or disagrees with his politics and leadership, he's elected. Which means, as a follower of Christ, it is your obligation to support him.

    How do we support him? We support him with our prayers.

    Our country is in a quagmire right now. The responsibility of those who "didn't" elect him isn't to stand in the corner and throw edicts of doubt and fear. Our job is to support him with fervent prayer!

    I think conservative Christ followers feel it is their call of duty to trumpet from the peanut gallery, hailing woes of doom and gloom for America. If you are doing that…shame on you!

    I'm not suggesting you support his politics. Nor am I suggesting you be passive in your community…on the contrary…but I do suggest you pray for his leadership. Pray for wisdom. Pray for guidance for our country. Maybe…maybe even ask God "how" you can help take your focus off your anger and onto actually doing something that will produce fruit.

  3. Abe says:

    Great thoughts on Obama! I find it especially odd that the people who are worrying and praying so intensely now, post Obama victory, are the ones who couldn't get themselves and/or their neighbors to vote for McCain because of whatever issues they had with him.

    These same people were passionate about Bush (twice!) – but they couldn't be enthusiastic for McCain just once. So my question for these people is… Was Obama's victory purely a matter of fate, or, did God give us a chance to vote for McCain (or someone else, for that matter) but we instead exercised our free will and chose Obama?

    Maybe we should be talking less about fate, and how this election ties into the end times, and think more about how the church is responsible for its own choices.

  4. Wes Bell says:

    I am fired up by the vision you guys have for Christmas! You go. Will be praying for you and the team. Believing all the gatherings will be PACKED!

  5. Dolores Cadena says:

    Scott, I totally agree about the Obama thing. He wasn't my choice either, but I will pray harder than I ever have for a president, cause he might just need our prayers. PUMPED about Christmas Eve services!!!! I was bragging about these services at a family dinner the other night and my husband's brother and his wife were so intrigued by my excitement, they came to church today to check out The Orchard. God is really working through us and in us. The best is yet to come!

  6. Ben says:

    Scott, you're still my favorite blogger! =) I just found myself removed from the pastoral circles I was in for so long. Not sure what to do with myself. Until then, I hid my pastor category. =)

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