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Sunday night half asleep…

Oct 22, 2006

Sunday night, 11:00pm. 

Finally ending my day that began this morning at 4:30am.  Busy, busy afternoon and evening.  I usually NEVER schedule anything for Sunday afternoons/evenings, but these were some important connections that needed to be made.  But now…..I’m exhausted and ready to sleep for a long, long time…

Absolutely incredible day today at The Orchard!  Still saying "wow…"  Baptism video, Nickelback, vision talk, lots of tears…  Amazing day.  And packed out too.  I’ll try to post on it tomorrow.

Really, really, really need to disconnect my brain tomorrow.  Cell phone will be OFF.  (Don’t even bother…) 

Oh yeah, and for everyone who is patiently waiting on an email reply to emails sent since last Thursday….  You’ve waited this long, right?  So what’s another day?  :)

G’nite friends.

3 Responses to “Sunday night half asleep…”

  1. edith Zepeda says:

    WOW!!!! Today was more than great. The Nickelback song outstanding. Thats what I love about the Orchard. The messages are powerful and heartfelt with a bit of todays realism.
    I felt what you were getting at today. I myself felt energized and ready to dig in. Scott your message today did not fall on deaf ears. I got a feeling BIG things will be happening My seatbelt is fastened. I’m ready for takeoff!!

  2. Definitely take a break man! You and your family need some time together!!!
    Love you guys!!

  3. metromom says:

    So was Nickelback at your service? or did you guys do that song I love so much…
    You know the
    “I love you…I’ve loved you all along”
    Cause I sure hope you weren’t playing Photographs :)

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