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Sunny Saturday

Jul 9, 2005

I’m sitting outside on the patio with my jar of ice water and an interesting book.  It’s about 87 degrees here in the sunny suburbs of Chicago.  The girls are down for a nap and Amanda is talking on the phone to her sister and pulling weeds.

I’ve just finished listening to Terry Storch’s first ever podcast.  I’m a little sickened by it only because I’ve been planning on doing my own podcast soon and wouldn’t you know it, Terry beat me to it.  *&@^@)#$*#(!       But anyway, it was good Terry.  Keep it up, I’m looking forward to stealing some of your ideas.   :)

Tomorrow is Sunday.  I’ve had two weekends off from teaching and I have to admit, it’s been nice.  As much I love communicating, the break was much needed.  I’ve been able to get ahead on my writing and studying and doing both of these things without the "pressure" of the weekend has been great. 

Speaking of communicating…  Today I finished next week’s talk for a series we are in at The Orchard called A Blockbuster Summer.  We are taking eight weeks to cover eight movies and pulling out Biblical principles out of each.  So far we’ve done: Oceans 12 and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. 
Tomorrow, Ted Egly, one of our teaching guys is doing The Incredibles.  The following week I’ll be doing……………are you ready?……………………..NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.  Oh yeah.  GOSH!  I’m excited.  I’m pulling out three big lessons from the lives of Napoleon, his brother Kip and good ‘ol Uncle Rico.  Should be a fun one!

Back to the book before the girls wake up.  Happy Saturday!

6 Responses to “Sunny Saturday”

  1. Erika says:

    I am SO excited to listen to your message on napoleon! i will soooooo have to download it! so make sure its up and running! i can not wait.

  2. Terry Storch says:

    I am telling ya…we were seperated at birth! Glad you liked it, I think it will get much better as I figure out what I am doing.
    Looking forward to the new series! See you in Chicago in a few weeks.

  3. Todd Ruth says:

    Wish I could be there to see it!

  4. Bill Whitmore says:

    I guess you won’t be doing any Star Wars! It such a great story. You really should at least see the first one Star Wars – Episode IV A New Hope

  5. Gary says:

    We are in the same series called Summer Blockbusters. I just preached on N.D. about Dancing Alone.
    Next week I am preaching on N.D. on Got Skillz?

  6. Mark Waltz says:

    I’m a Napolean fan. Look forward to the download! Love the whole series idea – multiple movies in one series must reach a diverse audience.

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