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Apr 2, 2012
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Flash Rosenberg imagines how the ideas in IMAGINE are tackled, tickled and teased-out by the author Jonah Lehrer.

2.23.12 Mishellaneous

Feb 23, 2012
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Fantastic! – Ira Glass (This American Life) on the secret of success in creative work (video)

LOVE! New York Times slideshow of Gerhard Richter’s art on display at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.

Random, but interesting… – Photos of Congolese wrestlers.

I’m a nerd, but I like this. The Best Picture Nominees….as Infographics.

Love this. Jay-Z, Ed Ruscha and Thom Yorke to Design Water Tanks in New York.

Looks pretty good! Trailer for Donald Miller’s new film, Blue Like Jazz.

Michael Hyatt had a great post this week, How To Change Organizational Culture.

Needed: New York Times on How To Wear A Tux.

Ben Arment needs an office shed.  I want need….this writers cabin.


Feb 16, 2012
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Aug 16, 2011

I’ll never forget the phone call.  I was sitting in the parking lot of a Christian bookstore (which happens once about every other year or so…).

“Scott….I’ve got an idea.”

On the other end was my friend, Ben Arment.  Ben was calling to share his dream of creating a new conference experience for creatives that he was going to be calling STORY.  Not only that, but he wanted to bring the conference to the Chicago area and….he wanted me to be a part of it.

This September (15&16) will mark three years since the beginning of STORY.  And once again, I am really honored to be a part of what has become, in my opinion, one of the most unique conference experiences I’ve ever been a part of.

If you were to ask Ben what the purpose of STORY is, he’d tell you, “STORY is fuel for the creative class.” He’s right.  Whether you create art for a living or even just wish you were more creative, STORY is an experience that will inspire your creativity and affirm the artisty that is dying to make its way to the blank canvases of your life.

This year’s theme: IMAGINE NATION

Last year, there were only 500 seats available.  Every one of them sold out. Thankfully, this year they’ve made more seats available.  But you should move quickly.

Here are the details:

WHEN: THUR, September 15 at 9:00 AM - FRI, September 16 at 5:15 PM (CT)

WHERE: Park Community Church, Chicago (map)

WHO: Oh wow.  So many.  Here are a few.

Kyle Cooper (Prologue Films, Hollywood), Tom Ryan (Threadless), Ed Saxon (Producer, Silence of The Lambs, Adaptation, Philadelphia), Santino Stoner (Dot&Cross – Nooma), Ed Dobson (author), Lauren Chandler (wife of Matt Chandler), Ian Morgan Cron (Episcopal priest & author), Skye Jethani (author), John Mark McMillan (singer & songwriter), Sons & Daughters (worship duo), and more.

It’s quite a line up.  Can’t wait.  Let me know if you’ll be there.  Would love to say hi and connect.


REGISTER HERE. **Click on “Enter Discount Code” and use “SCOTTHODGE” for $50 off your registration.**

Thanks for making me a part of STORY Ben.  Proud of you friend.

Easter 2011 at The Orchard!

Apr 26, 2011
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Reflecting this morning on this past weekend’s beautiful Easter gatherings at The Orchard.  Loved the direction we took and how it all came together to create what I think was probably our most creative and artistic effort to date.  We took several risks this year and decided to journey people through Holy Week in about 65 minutes using several art forms such as: spoken word, painting, dance, readings, music, and video.

The overall theme was “ALL THINGS NEW” and it was broken down into three segments: All Is Right (Palm Sunday), All Is Lost (Good Friday), and All is New (Easter).  I’m planning to post several of the video pieces here in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

Here are a few photos.  While I suppose it comes across to some degree in the photos, I wish there was a way to truly capture what I believe happened in the hearts of everyone there.  So thankful…

Using Apple TV in Creative Meetings

Apr 5, 2011

“apple tv has really enhanced our creative mtgs at @theorchard.”

Yesterday I twittered tweeted this and immediately received several replies and DM’s from people asking me to be more specific and asking to share some of the ways we use Apple TV in our creative meetings at The Orchard.  So now I feel pressure to somehow make this sound really impressive.  But I won’t.  I’ll just keep this brief and to the point.

How does Apple TV enhance our creative meetings at The Orchard?

Two words:  AirPlay.  (or is that one word?)

AirPlay allows you to stream music, photos, and videos from your iPhone or iPad directly to your television.

A few specific examples of how this looks in our creative meetings:

  • Our Creative Arts Director will share and stream song ideas with the team directly from his iTunes library to Apple TV.
  • Our Media guru shares design ideas (motion, print, web, etc…) with the team directly from an iPhone or iPad to Apple TV.
  • We easily and instantly stream video from Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo for creative ideas and inspiration. (BTW…we love the inspiration that comes from TED Talks as well as many indie and foreign filims.  Next on our list to watch together is Exit Through The Gift Shop.)
  • We can create digital mood boards by uploading the images to Flickr – and then accessing our Flickr stream through Apple TV.
  • Apple TV gives us instant access to The Orchard’s entire creative digital library.  (720p HD)

I’m sure there are other creative ways of using Apple TV, but those are some of the ways we’re currently utilizing it.

On a side note…and in case anyone from Apple is reading this…  We would LOVE to find a way to do screen-sharing through Apple TV.  Although I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Do you use Apple TV for your creative meetings? If so, how?  Please share!

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