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3.19.12 Mishellaneous

Mar 19, 2012

An interview with Apple’s design guru, Sir Jonathan Ive.

Um. Wow.  Starbucks is rolling out some sweet concept stores – like this one in Amsterdam and this one in Fukuoka, Japan.

Seth Godin’s list of books he says are worth reading.

A great work shout out to Granger Community Church on their fantastic and creative use of infographics to cast vision and celebrate stories.

I’ve really been enjoying listening to The Soil & The Sun.  Thanks Ben Arment for the recommendation!

This is interesting…  Choosing the right cover for the New York Times Magazine.

I have no idea who this dude is, but dang….this is really cool.  Jim LePage has done some cool work creating designs for each book of the Bible.  Great work!

I love food trucks.  I’ve gone out of my way to stop and enjoy the food truck scene in Austin, LA, Venice, Portland, NYC, and elsewhere.  Here’s an article from Why We Need Food Trucks In a Recession.  I say bring on the food trucks!  How about it Aurora??


Feb 16, 2012
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Using Apple TV in Creative Meetings

Apr 5, 2011

“apple tv has really enhanced our creative mtgs at @theorchard.”

Yesterday I twittered tweeted this and immediately received several replies and DM’s from people asking me to be more specific and asking to share some of the ways we use Apple TV in our creative meetings at The Orchard.  So now I feel pressure to somehow make this sound really impressive.  But I won’t.  I’ll just keep this brief and to the point.

How does Apple TV enhance our creative meetings at The Orchard?

Two words:  AirPlay.  (or is that one word?)

AirPlay allows you to stream music, photos, and videos from your iPhone or iPad directly to your television.

A few specific examples of how this looks in our creative meetings:

  • Our Creative Arts Director will share and stream song ideas with the team directly from his iTunes library to Apple TV.
  • Our Media guru shares design ideas (motion, print, web, etc…) with the team directly from an iPhone or iPad to Apple TV.
  • We easily and instantly stream video from Netflix, YouTube, and Vimeo for creative ideas and inspiration. (BTW…we love the inspiration that comes from TED Talks as well as many indie and foreign filims.  Next on our list to watch together is Exit Through The Gift Shop.)
  • We can create digital mood boards by uploading the images to Flickr – and then accessing our Flickr stream through Apple TV.
  • Apple TV gives us instant access to The Orchard’s entire creative digital library.  (720p HD)

I’m sure there are other creative ways of using Apple TV, but those are some of the ways we’re currently utilizing it.

On a side note…and in case anyone from Apple is reading this…  We would LOVE to find a way to do screen-sharing through Apple TV.  Although I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Do you use Apple TV for your creative meetings? If so, how?  Please share!

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