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Sep 4, 2006

Here’s a video we put together for this weekend’s talk on "TEMPTATION" in our iSight series

Special thanks to some Vineyard church who did a similiar video found on YouTube.

Click the image to watch now. (QuickTime 15.5MB)


5 Responses to “Temptation”

  1. jason allen says:

    That was pretty good man. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Great video… I’m tempted to steal the idea.

  3. Great Stuff. It appears that Temptations are everyday happenings for us all.

  4. Jeff Ulrich says:

    That is way to funny, but true. LOL

  5. S. Pihlaja says:

    This is funny and terribly interesting. I was thinking about how some “wrong” acts can be played for comedic effect (like glutony, cheating, lying, stealing), but if you were to included a video in which one character thumbed through a girlie magazine or a teenager took a drink of beer, this would be markedly less funny and a large majority of people would probably complain that it was offensive.
    I came up with a couple of ideas. First, maybe these temptations are seen as having less of an impact on one’s spirit, that is to say, we suspect that the consequence spiritually of stealing a donut hole is much less substantial than pornography or under-aged drinking. Or second, these are not things that people actually do (at least so blatantly) and are therefore comedic. Or third, more mature “wrong” acts would not be age-appropriate for everyone seeing this video.
    There is this great Indian/ Pakistani restaurant out near my apartment, and they’re always playing these Bollywoodesque music videos. Really hammy, lots of dancing, lots of mello-drama. It’s interesting to me that in these videos people are able to play the act of cheating on one’s girlfriend to a comedic effect sometime. You know, a guy singing to one girl while giving a flower to the other. Both of the girls find out, push him into the lake. This sort of video makes me think that my second possible explanation as to why we can laugh at some “wrong” things and not other is the most likely… Did you all have any ideas about this when you made the video?

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