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That’s What…..MOM Said!

May 11, 2008

Wow, what a weekend!  We LITERALLY rolled out the red carpet for all the moms who showed up Saturday and Sunday at The Orchard.  We also had a live video feed from the red carpet where our friend, Jason Hartong, was interviewing moms and warming up the crowd before each service.  It was a blast!

My FAVORITE part of the weekend was the exciting opportunity that I had to interview four amazing mothers who shared tons of insight, wisdom and some of the real life challenges that they have faced through their journeys of motherhood. 

This was all a part of our "That’s What She Said" series.  And I just have to say…….these moms did an AWESOME job of communicating from their hearts in an authentic, yet impacting way!  There’s NO DOUBT in my mind that God used each of them to speak to the hearts of EVERY person there.  Great job Kristen, Connie, Jenny and………MY MOM, Loudene!  I’m so proud of each of you!

Here are some sights…  (Click for larger images)

Img_9461_2 Img_9466_4
Img_9480_3 Img_9492_2
Img_9519_2 Img_9523_2
Img_9534_2 Img_9541_2

4 Responses to “That’s What…..MOM Said!”

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Great idea Scott. We are so stealing that next year!

  2. Joni says:

    What an amazing time! Jason did a great job–even describing the whipping winds and torrential rain kicking up the carpet! And the four mom panel was incredible. In that big room, it still felt like we were sitting around a kitchen table listening in on some timeless wisdom. Thanks to the ladies for being willing to share themselves!! And thanks for a great Mother’s Day Scott. Tell your mom how much I needed to hear her wisdom about trust!!

  3. Gerry Miller says:

    What a wonderful service Saturday! The four ladies who shared their stories were great.

  4. hey scott.
    catching up on my blog reading on a saturday morning. the vibe from the service comes through in the pics. a huge “way to go!” for your team’s creativity and for you creating an atmosphere in which they can thrive.

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