Scott Hodge


The Bourne Ultimatum

Aug 11, 2007


Just got home from seeing it.


Now I need to hurry and get to bed so I can dream that I’m in the CIA. 


11 Responses to “The Bourne Ultimatum”

  1. connor says:

    I cant wait to see it, its out here next weekend…

  2. Anne Jackson says:

    I am muy jealous. We wanted to see it but we are on this whole “budget” thing and it’s not in it right now. Dadgum! But glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

  3. That movie is freakin’ amazing. I saw it earlier this week and it (in terms of guitar solos) melted my face off!!!

  4. The best movie of the year by far.

  5. lor says:

    Bourne is da bomb

  6. Chris Baker says:

    This was a awesome movie….its a tough call between this and Transformers in my book…for best movie of the year.

  7. Well, is it as good as the two formers? Possible better? come on bro let us know what you think about it! I can’t wait to see it, this has been one of the best series movies made in a long time and I’m pumped to see it.

  8. Doug says:

    The books are BY FAR better than the movies. I have them all if you’d like to borrow them.

  9. Lauren says:

    Anytime you leave a movie absolutely convinced not only that you have super human strength and catlike reflexes, but that you can also jump from one building to another at whim; you know you just saw a pretty sweet film. Awesome!

  10. Sheila Montanez says:

    Yes, I agree, this movie was awesome! We went this past Friday and the intensity of the movie was great! Loved it! I am hooked!

  11. Troy Worman says:

    Saw it this past week end. Loved it.

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