Scott Hodge


The Bruthas

Mar 15, 2006


A few observations…

  1. Terry, are we SURE that we aren’t brothers?
  2. I like the bangs.  Covers up the forehead.  I am going to take your cue.
  3. Just so everyone knows, I did the picture thing first.
  4. But just so everyone knows too, Terry bought his MacBook Pro first. (I’ve still not made the leap…)

That’s all I can really think of.  Miss ya brutha!

4 Responses to “The Bruthas”

  1. Terry Storch says:

    Scott, I do think that we are brotha’s from diff’rnt mothas.

  2. Didn’t I mention this when you guys all went to dinner in the Loop one night a month or so ago.

  3. Betsy says:

    Scott, although Terry’s do works for him, I don’t think you should follow suit. I just can’t picture you with bangs.
    Oh, wait, I can!

  4. scott hodge says:

    LOL! That’s crazy!

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