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The Faces of Mawangala

May 24, 2009


Yesterday we had the privilege of spending a day at the Mawangala Child Development Center located 13km northwest of Iganga, Uganda.  And let me tell you……this is quite a place. 

It’s home to approximately 50,000 residents whose homes are (typically) constructed of dirt floors, adobe walls, and if they’re lucky – tin roofs.  HIV/AIDS, typhoid, malaria, and trachoma are just a few of the common health challenges that these children and families are threatened by.  But the good news is that Compassion has been working there for a little under a year now and already lives are being transformed. 

One of Compassion’s team members mentioned that there is a very high likelihood that we were, in fact, the very first "white people" that most of these children had ever seen before. 

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? 

But here’s what was amazing…  While the visit from the “white men” was obviously a really big deal to the kids and the families, what they have no idea of is how much bigger of a deal it was to me and everyone else on our team to just simply have the privilege of hugging and singing…and laughing….and loving these beautiful, beautiful children who have forever touched our hearts. 

Here are some of the faces of Mawangala:
(Click for larger images)

IMG_5894 IMG_5931
Uganda1 IMG_6196
IMG_6178 IMG_6067
IMG_5950 IMG_5905
IMG_5944 IMG_5817

5 Responses to “The Faces of Mawangala”

  1. missy henning says:

    WOW –those faces are just beautiful! thanks for posting -God Bless Scott

  2. Knopp says:

    Hi-I work w/ Joby Ben & Jerry-anyways-I’m stoked to read your blogs! I recently read the Ishmael Beah book & was blown away! I can’t wait to go there! :)

  3. Joni says:

    Beautiful people. Behind each face is an amazing story I’m sure. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post. Prayin’ for y’all.
    Unrelated…Lee, my mother-in-law’s husband, conveyed the Starbucks mission analogy with his church this morning. Listened to the CD from last week on their way home.

  4. Annette Boatright says:

    What great photos. What beautiful children!

  5. Geo says:

    Outstanding photography and the people in the photos are priceless.

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