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The Orchard’s iChat with Thailand!

Feb 26, 2007

Today was a great day at The Orchard!  We wrapped up our "168 Hours" series by doing a live link up to Bangkok, Thailand via iChat in both of our services.  It was amazing!! 

We had three girls from The Well with Jim and Judy Larson on one end, a second shot of me, and then a third shot that was linked to an HD cam so that Thailand could have a full view of our auditorium and stage.  It worked out great! Orchardichat

The connection was solid (until the end of our 2nd service
when we lost
Thailand for a few minutes), the audio quality was good and our community loved it!  It was the perfect way for everyone to personally meet and get to know some of the girls who have been rescued from Thailand’s sex trade industry and a great way to wrap up the series!  Great job Orchard tech & production team!!

Hoping to get some video from the series posted soon!

9 Responses to “The Orchard’s iChat with Thailand!”

  1. Very cool. I’m wondering about iChat for shut-in’s or those in remote or satellite locations for services?

  2. emma says:

    Wow… that’s such a great idea. Glad to hear it worked so well, looking forward to seeing some video from Thailand etc!

  3. Joni says:

    That was very cool meeting the girls and hearing about their dreams directly. Just makes you want to jump on a plane and do everything you can to help. Jim & Judy Larson are very special people. I think it would be interesting to send trainees to Thailand to learn and come back to the U.S. to do the same thing. Or is there already a similar ministry here?

  4. Anthony c says:

    i loved it when you said “you can’t do that with a PC” it made me laugh, I’m glad i switched to mac :)

  5. David says:

    Scott, that is really awesome! I love that you use the technology that you learn about and do some really cool things with it. Unfortunatly we aren’t doing things like this at our church yet.
    Using iChat for shut in’s would be great but it would only work for three people unless you do audio only which will support 10 people. What you could do is setup a web stream. It takes a lot of bandwidth depending on how many are connecting but you could theoretically have an unlimited number of people connected.
    Have a grrrreat day!!

  6. chris g says:

    love ichat, love it
    nice usage

  7. Greg says:

    That is cool. I just got an Mac Book Pro and I am loving it. What an awesome way to connect people from the other side of the world and see the faces of the people God is changing. Amen.
    Keep up your ministry. It is moving at least one person in this little village called Tallahassee.

  8. Beko says:

    Scott… that was so amazing! I want to jump on a train with some extra clothes (and a toothbrush) and spend the rest of my life there!

  9. Beko says:

    I meant PLANE!!!! I think going on a train across the ocean might be a bit difficult.

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