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The Pendulum of Change

Jul 15, 2008

Mike Jones and I were recently interviewed by  Here’s a snippet that they posted on their website about change and transition.

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4 Responses to “The Pendulum of Change”

  1. I just emailed this to our key worship team leaders. Great video. I’ll be using this in upcoming months.

  2. john bunn says:

    Mike was awesome in that video!

  3. Joni says:

    Not having been at the Orchard prior to its transition I don’t have a measure of the pendulum. What do you see is the “middle ground” if that’s even an accurate term. Is there even a need for a pendulum shift?

  4. rose says:

    Hi Scottie;
    I did something this weekend. Something that I have heard other speak about but I have just not done myself.
    Here is how the story goes. I am a garage sale junkie. I stop, I look, sometimes I get good deals, sometimes good stuff. Sometimes good books have come my way. I do spend time reading my Bible but I also enjoy reading what I like to call GOD books. Learning books, about GOD and who HE wants me to be.
    Getting to my story. My quest this week is a crib for my grandson or clothes or what ever GOD sees fit to show me. That being said on my way home from work (I Seen the Sign).I turned in. No crib; But the books at the sale some of them were GOD books.
    This is where it gets good. I asked the man not his name but what church his family attended. He talked freely about how after they moved they had not found a church. I told him by the books he had on the table I would suggest they try the orchard.
    I invited a total strange to grow in Christ at the orchard.
    I stepped out of the box! I feel I did what JESUS would do. I do pray they come.

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