Scott Hodge


The Power of Sunday Night Infomercials

Apr 3, 2006


How someone can get excited about this really beats me! 

Worse yet, how they were able to get me to pay attention long enough to actually look the name up online and blog about it REALLY worries me! 

3 Responses to “The Power of Sunday Night Infomercials”

  1. My bigger concern is this – if you are up at 12:30 AM watching TV how come you are not watching the world champion White Sox home opener!?! We are up 10-3.

  2. Betsy says:

    What worries me is the fact that you blogged about it made me try to check the link for three minutes, even though that website is down for some reason this morning.
    Now, I’m not terribly excited about this product, but I understand the appeal. You men who have never tried to tweeze your brows just wouldn’t understand.

  3. matt says:

    Continuing with the theme:
    What worries me is that if I could fit it up my nose, I’d buy it. Nose hairs suck!

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