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The Slippery Slope of Religion

May 13, 2008

Thanks Todd for pointing me to a short video clip where Tim Keller discusses how religion can lead to oppression.  He calls it the "slippery slope" of religion that looks like this:

1.  Superiority – "I have the truth and they don’t."

2.  Separation – I no longer spend time with them.  They are seen as "impure."

3.  Caricature – Because I don’t know them, I caricature them.  They now become one dimensional.

4.  Passive & Active Oppression – Now these become the type of people I can push away and ignore.  Passively at first, then over time, actively.

Video Link

3 Responses to “The Slippery Slope of Religion”

  1. Mark LeHew says:

    I HATE religion!

  2. John L says:

    This is why I find the hardest NT passages to be things like Lk10:11.

  3. heather e. says:

    Wow this is so awesome and truthful. I think all of us still tend to yield to religious thinking at times… it really does cause division. Just look at the Pharisees…they were too good to hang out w/ anyone it seemed.
    As we get to know God and his Love he is able to open our eyes to the truth… we don’t open our own eyes. Only by yielding to God and humbling ourselves to Him!

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