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The Sushi Journey Begins

Dec 5, 2005


I have no idea why, but like I mentioned in a previous post, it has been bothering me that I don’t like sushi.  All of my "cool" friends invite me out for sushi and I have to make up some lie that I’m allergic to rice or something…

So here comes the part where you clap for me… 

Amanda and I have eaten sushi twice in the last 4 days. 

Go ahead. 

Clap, dangit!

Ok…Anyway.  I’m on my way I guess.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  For one, it’s artistic!  It’s not like going to Panera and eating a sandwich that is thrown together in 3.4 seconds.  (And while I’m on that topic, sushi certainly beats all of the blasted fast food chains that have invaded the area.  C’mon people!  Do we really need another Chili’s or Applebee’s???)  And of course, sushi is also very healthy (not that a Chicago italian beef from Al’s isn’t!). 

So I’ve begun my sushi journey.  I’m still not into the "raw" sushi……….yet.   We’ll see.

Any sushi recommendations?

21 Responses to “The Sushi Journey Begins”

  1. Kenny says:

    Um… how to break this to you… um… if what you have been eating is cooked fish and not raw… well, then is it technically actually sushi? Sushi is raw. If it’s cooked it’s something else.
    Start off with a California Roll. It’s crab meat and very tasty. Once you have mastered the California Roll, move onto Tuna. Than Spicy Tuna! Than you’ll have so much confidence you’ll be ordering Yellow Tail, eel, salmon, etc…

  2. Chris says:

    I like to say I like sushi, but what I eat is faux sushi – the kind from Byerly’s with the cooked imitation crab meat. I have a “texture issue” with raw fish.
    However… I have found three things that help when dining on real sushi:
    Wasabi paste
    Picked ginger
    Soy sauce
    I understand it is not proper to eat the sushi and the ginger together, but to use the ginger as a compliment after eating the sushi. However, I’m not famous for being proper about much of anything, so…
    Enjoy the cool sushi experience!

  3. scott hodge says:

    I had the raw stuff – but like I said in my post, I’m just not “into it” – as in “enjoying” it. My favorite was tempura shrimp maki. Oh man… So good!

  4. Amy Dusek says:

    Good for you…at least you’re giving it another try. My husband and I love sushi…I wish we ate it more often than we do.
    Some tips for you:
    1. Definately start out with “rolls”…there is less seafood in these, so it will help you slowly build your taste for raw seafood. I agree with Kenny, the Califonia roll is delicious. I also recommend the Crunchy roll, it’s my favorite: “Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and spicy mayonnaise wrapped in Masago. Served with eel sauce.”
    2. Move unto nigiri zushi (raw seafood on top of rice). Tuna (big eye or blue fin) is very mild and good, and I think Salmon is surprisingly mild and flavorful.
    3. Once you have acquired a taste for sushi, you might be brave enough to try sashimi, which is just plain raw seafood, thinly sliced.
    4. I think a dab of wasabi and a dip of soy sauce enhances the flavor of sushi, so don’t forget these. And use the pickled ginger as a palate cleanser as often as you need it.
    Enjoy and good luck on your sushi journey! :)

  5. What’s next Tofu? I eat Sushi when were out at an oriental type place. There is at least one Sushi bar here in Denver that I’m aware of, and I’m sure there are others. I guess I need to take the lovely and talented lady of the house and I out to an appropriate Sushi place.

  6. Yeah, I love sushi. Here’s what I’ve learned, and it usually makes it mouthwatering for me. First, mix the wasabi in a bowl with soy sauce. Mix it to your liking. I kinda like it spicy. Then, dip your sushii in that sauce before you bite into it. The pickled ginger? That’s a palate cleanser. Eat a little of that when you change from one type to another. I also found, and no, I’m not gay, that a bacardi Raz goes really, really good with most sushi. That or the japanese beer bottled by AB called Kirin Ichiban. Which, honestly, is just fun to say.

  7. Good for you Scott, stepping out into something different. I agree with everyone else’s comments, and just want to encourage you to continue to try different sushi. It’s really good for you, and is definitely healthier than Applebee’s or Chili’s.

  8. I really like the chicken sushi. ;-)

  9. Phil says:

    Yeah, I’ve got a recommendation for ya: don’t let your “friends” push you around and try to tell you who you are. Tell ‘em to meet you for a sandwich or to shove it. Beeee yourself {buzz}. That’s my recommendation. :-)
    Disclaimer: I don’t like sushi.

  10. Brian says:

    So now I’m not “cool”… GOSH!!!

  11. Metromom says:

    I’m totally with you, but my husband and friends would eat a raw turtle if they served it. Lucky for them there are some fabulous places to get it here. Actually as far as food goes, you might like the Phoenix area…there are some good places. BUT, after trying to like it for some time I can tell you that my favorite as I venture out is the Caterpillar Roll, so cute, so cool, lots of avacado that this CA girl loves- so try it. (PS, it only looks like a Caterpillar…)

  12. Metromom says:

    PPS: Captain Mac not only designs great banners, he makes great sushi. We like to pair it with the game FARKLE and have a “Farkushi” night. :)

  13. Gapp says:

    Good work on the sushi. Pastor Fred Shirley and I shared a spicy salmon sushi roll with our lunch at Benihana’s yesterday…Sooo dang good! …a little soy sauce, a little wasabi – *drooling*
    Actually, last year I was at a
    Wolves game on the lower deck (thanks to a friend’s tickets from work) and I tried a roll of sushi there – it was surprisingly tasty! You really just have to find what suits you…

  14. Robb says:

    I could eat the raw salmon on top of the rice ALL DAY!!! The raw Tuna is too mushy for me! Shrimp Tempura – good too!
    My recommendations for Sushi beginners and novices:
    1. LOTS OF WASABI (if you don’t have at least 4 or 5 moments of temporary blindness, it wasn’t a true sushi experience)
    2. One Word: SAKI (again, if you don’t have at least 4 or 5 moments of temporary blindness, it wasn’t a true sushi experience)
    Sushi On!

  15. rick says:

    * california roll
    * hosomaki
    * kapamaki
    just being able to order them will make you feel important. and you can eat all that without trying anything more risque.

  16. rick says:

    oh, and an order of fried gyoza. trust me.

  17. Abe says:

    I’ve tried hard to like this stuff. Sometimes it can be good, or maybe it just feels good to down it and think I’ve done something special – like being a part of society that thinks it’s cool to pay inordinate $ for raw fish.

  18. sandy says:

    robb’s comment was hilarious, but i have to say that abe’s says it all… do you have to eat sushi to feel cool and hip? c’mon!

  19. Robin Storch says:

    Terry loves sushi. Personally, I only eat things that cluck, oink or moo–and are cooked to perfection. Look forward to meeting you and your wife in Feb!

  20. Charlie says:

    I tend to agree with the words of wisdom of that great philosopher, Alan Jackson…
    I like my sushi southern-fried…
    There’s nothing about sushi that a little cornmeal and hot oil wouldn’t cure! :)

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