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The Winning Ways of Whole Foods

Nov 5, 2005
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Because it’s one of my favorite grocery stores, I’m always interested in hearing about what Whole Foods is up to.  John Moore from Brand Autopsy had a great post the other day entitled, "The Winning Ways of Whole Foods." 

Based on his experience working as Whole Food’s Director of National Marketing, John gives ten core philosophies that the company follows to help foster "bottom-up innovation (not top-down direction) to drive sales and build the brand."

Here they are:

  1. Maximum Freedom.  Minimum Governance - The only "governing rule" at all stores is in regards to the quality of the food they sell.

  2. Small Pieces Loosely Joined – WFM is comprimsed of teams.
  3. Getting Bigger by Acting Smaller – WFM decentralizes nearly every business function.  They seek to makes as many decisions as possible at the regional level.
  4. Food as Theatre – They appeal to the five senses – they create a full sensory experience.
  5. Shoppers as "Brand" Ambassadors – Instead of using traditional advertising means, they use the influentual power of customers as the advertising vehicle. 
  6. Education Leads to Appreciation – They believe they can cultivate loyalty beyond reason with its shoppers by educating them on the natural/organic difference.
  7. Everything Matters – WFM will NEVER compromise it’s quality standards.
  8. Price to Value – They aren’t interested in competing on low prices.  WFM prices their products to the value its customers have for the product.
  9. Profit is a Good Competitive Game – Everyone profits from profits.
  10. Team Members Make the Difference – WFM believes that its team members provide the true competitive advantage.  They truly realize that their greatest asset is people.


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  1. We love Whole Foods, and just wish there was one a bit closer to where we live.

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