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Things that make you go WOW.

Jun 8, 2005

I don’t think that I can even come up with the right words to describe how I feel when I receive an email like the one below.  Knowing that I am a part of something so much bigger than myself is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing in the world. 

Here is an excerpt from an email I received a few days ago: 

Dear Scott,

I first want to thank you for your message, enthusiasm and encouragement every week.  You have truly touched my family more than words can express.  My husband and I were both raised **********.   That journey came to a screeching halt when I was 16 and a minister on Christmas stated "No one in this room is worthy of God’s love."  That left me jaded on religion and God for a very long time. 

I visited Orchard Valley by myself one morning and was so excited and uplifted.  I called my husband as soon as I walked out of the doors and told him of my experience, we have been coming ever since then. 

I sincerely appreciate the way you relate your message to everyday life and provide the tools necessary to do so. I have been a counselor for several years and often hear in your service useful tools how to cultivate relationships with significant others, friends, and God, that I learned in school.  It is so important for people who have not learned listening and communication tools, to learn them.  Thank you for that. 

Thank you for giving my family a safe place to start back on our journey with God.  We are looking forward to having our children dedicated at Orchard Valley and are eager to continue a growing relationship with God and the Church.

2 Responses to “Things that make you go WOW.”

  1. Betsy says:

    You need to build a memorial here. The next time that someone tells you that the church isn’t “deep” or criticizes you for a decision, go back to this moment and remember, THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

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