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Thinking and Living Glocally

Jun 29, 2006

One of the things we are focusing on at The Orchard is intentionally finding ways to inject a global and local mindset into the culture of our church community. 

Being born and raised in "church-ianity", I’ve seen firsthand how most churches just aren’t making it happen.  And it’s not because the "effort" isn’t being made either….  Somehow, what the church world refers to as "outreach" and "missions" has become more about a "program" that we offer people the chance to be involved with VS. seeing it as an integral part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. 

For us, one thing we know for sure is that we’re not interested in missions being a "department" that hosts a dinner once a year or outreach being an "event" that people can be a part of if they happen to be interested. 

We want global & local concern AND action to be a WAY OF LIFE for our church community.

And ultimately, since our goal is to move every person in our church into a small group (where they can live out the belief that church isn’t something you "go to", but something you ARE…), instead of building these ideas into our culture via "programs", we are
making "thinking and living GLOCALLY" a part of our small group

We want our small groups to be about a way of life – partnering with global and local missionaries, getting out in the community together as a small group feeding the hungry, meeting local needs, etc…  And then of course, growing and BEING the church. 

Thinking and living glocally…  I like that. 

6 Responses to “Thinking and Living Glocally”

  1. scott, you have hit the nail on the head. i grew up an mk (missionary kid) and have always kinda thought that those who don’t go overseas are wimps. i was all about the whole thing that if you aren’t called to stay then you ought to go (keith green).
    i still feel that a lot, but there’s a really true point in the fact the whole world is our mission field. it can be a cop out to say we’re doing missions in our own back yard. but i have seen (especially since katrina) desperately lost and hurting people as much here in the USA as i have in africa or asia.
    the fact is that there are hurting people EVERYWHERE and there are desperate situations all around us. we need to go overseas. we need to go next door.
    compartmentalizing missions and outreach int “departments” dilutes the truth that these are the very core of what being a Christian is all about.
    Like you said, it is WHO we are, not what we do. at least it should be that way.

  2. Jon Sampson says:

    Good points! Have you seen the book Transformation: How Glocal Churches Transform Lives and the World? It’s a great book that talks a lot about the same things you mention. Plus, I really respect the books’ author. Bob Roberts is living out everything he writes about. Good stuff…

  3. Bro – I think I would have gone “lobally”. Rolls off the tongue better and has a great pun involved. :) Great thoughts, however you label it.

  4. emma Boyd says:

    New sermon series possibly? The whole local/global issue was the theme of Exodus discipleship materials a few years ago, but I wasn’t involved at the time. I think it’s a lot about changing attitudes and perceptions… we ARE the church, not just go to it; we are missionaries, not just people who do mission, etc.

  5. I love your thoughts. At HPC we have a medical ministry that focuses on areas close to home and overseas, but it starts at home. We’ve had people who only want to volunteer when we plan a trip. We tell them we go on the mission field every week, and it uses a lot less gas. It takes a volunteer only one free medical clinic for them to see that God doesn’t only move on foreign soil, He moves whereever YOU are spreading His love.

  6. featheriron says:

    Two things; First-love this post, very much agree. Second-I always look at “books being read” on blogs I visit. And if I don’t see it on there, I always suggest “The Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis, yes, it is my mission to get everyone to read that book.
    I am starting a book club life group at HPC this fall, what book would you suggest we include?

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