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Third Service Launch!

Aug 31, 2007

It’s been on the radar for quite a while now and it’s finally happening!

I’m talking about the launch of The Orchard’s new Saturday evening service that will be starting on Saturday, October 20th!  That is only about 7 weeks away and let me tell you…  I am so excited!  For so many reasons!

For one, this is going to open the door for us to reach a large segment of people who are unable to ever attend Sunday morning gatherings.  Since a lot of unchurched/dechurched people in our community are from a Catholic background, Saturday nights are a time when a lot of them grew up going to church as kids.  It’s a familiar time for church to a lot of people.  Plus, Saturday nights are a great time for families with young children.  So the opportunity to reach new people is huge!

Secondly, we need MORE SPACE on Sunday mornings!  Like most churches, we have found that Sunday mornings around 10AM or 11AM are still the optimal inviting times for unchurched people in our area.  BUT, if there are not enough seats or space available during those times, then guess what?!  We will stop reaching new people!  And we are already hitting that 80% capacity mark in MOST areas.  So it’s time.

Let me tell you…  We are working HARD right now because we want to do everything we can to create the same great environment for people on Saturday nights that we provide at our Sunday morning gatherings.  But we also know that it is going to take a lot MORE PEOPLE serving to make it happen.  So we have been pouring a LOT of time, energy and leadership into teaching our leaders and volunteers how to personally recruit new volunteers and also how to relationally pour themselves into those people to equip them to serve well. 

One of the people responsible for helping to make this happen is the newest addition to The Orchard’s team, Chris Bell.  Chris serves on our lead team and brings some great leadership and experience to our environments.  Recently, I asked Chris to coach and lead our team with a plan to be READY and ABLE to begin our Saturday evening gatherings STRONG and with TONS of momentum. 

And let me tell you…  It’s happening!  The ball is rolling and we are moving fast!  In fact, Chris is writing about it over at his blog.  Part 1 is up and part 2 will be up soon.  They’re definitely worth checking out and learning from.  Here’s the link:

Recruiting and Reproducing, Part 1

Recruiting and Reproducing, Part 2

And please….  Forgive Chris for the violence seen in this post.

7 Responses to “Third Service Launch!”

  1. D-Plum says:

    Hey, Scott… excited for you on your 3rd service! Can’t wait until we get to that point at Mosaic… actually, I can’t wait until we fill up our FIRST service! LOL!
    See you at Innovate, man…

  2. Doug says:

    Just remember my offer Scott. We’re still looking for more musicians, and you said you’d pray about it…..

  3. Jasn says:

    Brilliant. I know it is going to be a smashing success!

  4. Troy says:

    dude, i am pumped for you. i know it will rock

  5. Kem Meyer says:

    Scott, congratulations on this big step! This is a HUGE accomplishment in your ministry. You’re FRUITY! (meaning, the fruit of the spirit… not the other kind). Keep on keeping on. We’re proud of you and Amanda. Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

  6. Mike says:

    This is great news. Today so many people have to work on Sunday’s. I work in IT so Sunday’s are often days when we make system changes. Church on Saturday means I can attend service and remain part of the community.

  7. Hey Scott! AWESOME!!! Orchard is on the grow, isn’t it? Ed and I still need to come on over sometime. What works for the Hodges??? We hope to see you guys soon.
    Tell Amanda, Elise, Julia, & Alexander hello from the Gullands.

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