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This is the kind of church…

Nov 5, 2009

"This is the kind of church and kingdom I want to be a part of – a band of people who are messy, have addictions and shortcomings, make mistakes, get rejected, and are screwed up, but are so fully aware of the Master's grace and love for them in spite of who they are or will be someday; people who embrace discomfort knowing there is so much to be gained for all of us and for all of our churches."

Dave Gibbons, The Monkey and the Fish

4 Responses to “This is the kind of church…”

  1. sarah says:

    my particular “gathering of believers” is a lot like that. but could be more so.

  2. Shelley says:

    So I take it we are reading the same book. My blog post was the same today.

  3. Shannon says:

    Right on! I knew I’d found the right church when I found a bunch of messed up and imperfect folks like me.
    Too often the church at large attempts to project an image of unflappable perfection but in the process drives away the hungry who find it intimidating or hypocritical.
    Last time I check the twelve disciples where a semi-dysfunctional group. Count me in with the imperfect who are in love with Jesus.

  4. Every church IS the first part, it is only the 2nd part where we fail because of pride. We hide, deny and try to make ourselves look as if we are not what we all are sinners that have the priveledge of being redeemed!

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