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This thing sucks.

Sep 6, 2006


Halloween must be on its way… 

Walking through Walgreens minding my own business when this thing SCREAMS at me as I walk by it!!  Before I knew what was happening all 30 of them were doing it. 

Almost fell right into the diaper display behind me. 


Not funny…

12 Responses to “This thing sucks.”

  1. David W says:

    I don’t know. Seeing you fall into a pile of Huggies might be kind of funny.
    It did get your attention. It’s got some serious Purple Cow action going on though.

  2. matt says:

    HA – I was walking through Walgreens here and the same thing happened. Only for me it was this creepy voice saying “Want some candy?” as a skeleton hand reached out. Like you it scared me, but more than that it freaked me out because it sounded like some sick old man trying to abduct a little kid. “Want some candy little boy?”

  3. Tostada says:

    If I had seen that happen to you I seriously would have wet my pants.
    - Vic

  4. angie says:

    I can just see this happening to you and it cracks me up!

  5. Misty says:

    If I was there – sorry but I would have been laughing. At least the Huggies would have made it a softer landing if you did fall.
    My mom is really into skulls so they always went all out with the stuff – I’m used those types of things. The scarier the better! Too bad Blackberry Farm doesn

  6. jamey j says:

    amen – amen – amen – amen – amen – enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The Halloween stuff’s been out here in the stores for about a week or so now.

  8. emma says:

    You think that’s bad? There’s a store near me which already has it’s Christmas stock in… CHRISTMAS i tell ya!! It’s not even flippin’ halloween yet and they’ve got Christmas stuff!

  9. Joni Ruhs says:

    No, yeah, its a little funny. I’m now inspired to go to Walgreen’s and find that display. Its got to drive the employees nuts to hear that all day. Let’s all go and set off the skulls!
    Ah yes, Halloween and kid safety. Second only to the ice cream man where we let our children take an exhorbitant amount of money in hand, run out into the street after a moving van with no windows, and take sweets from a stranger.

  10. Jeff Ulrich says:

    I was at Walmart and I backed into a display of talking witches. It scared me so bad I had to go BUY diapers (Depends). LOL

  11. funny imagery in my mental video editor right now. man, i wish i could have seen it though. then watch it in slo-mo.
    i don’t care what you say – it IS funny.

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