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Three Defining Questions in Des Moines

Apr 4, 2008

Just wrapped a day and a half of hanging out with the staff and leadership team of Des Moines First AG.  A  few months ago I was invited to come down and share our story of change and transition and then spend a half a day consulting with their staff as they seek out what it means to missionally impact their community. 

We had a great time together and it’s evident that this team and church have a HUGE opportunity in front of them to be a part of God’s mission here in Des Moines in a unique and compelling way.  I can’t wait to see and hear the stories in the months and years to come!

Last night I posed three simple, yet defining questions for their leadership team to consider as they redefine their future.  Here they are:

  1. Who is God calling us to reach? 
  2. What is it going to take to reach them?
  3. Are we willing to pay the price?

Thanks to their Lead Pastor, Dave Beroth and my host, Paul Stewart (Pastor of Spiritual Formation and all around really great guy who really encouraged me with this post) for your hospitality and the opportunity to be here. 

3 Responses to “Three Defining Questions in Des Moines”

  1. Rob Edwards says:

    Awesome questions. Thanks for sharing. We’re looking at change or facing death. I may borrow your questions (with proper attribution ;-) ) to put before our leadership later this month.

  2. Henry Judy says:

    GREAT questions. I am going to use them at our next staff meeting if that is okay. By the way I have a new website for my blog….
    click the link and resubscribe by clicking the subscribe button on top of right hand column.

  3. When you mentioned a few posts ago you were headed to Des Moines, I had a sneaky suspicion that you might be headed to Des Moines First- my home church! I’m excited for them to hopefully turn a corner soon. And I hope that you stopped by Java Joe’s downtown while you were there- the best!

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