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Thur AM Granger

Sep 21, 2006
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Made it here to Granger, Indiana late, late, late last night.  2am’ish (EST) to be exact.  Gotta love that time change…  Finally got in bed around 4:45am local time and woke up at 8am.  Made a quick trip to Sbux for some Godly nectar and am now sitting at a table along with a couple of thousand pastors and church leaders at the Innovative Church Conference

Right now Tim Stevens is up talking about creating "buzz" and what that means for the local church.  Great, convicting question posed a second ago:

"Would your community be any different if your church no longer existed?" 

That’s the type of buzz that Tim is talking about.  Not just "excitement", but IMPACT. 

Good stuff…  I like the way Tim thinks.

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