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Thur PM Granger

Sep 21, 2006

This has really been a good day for me… 

Had the opportunity to have lunch with a small group of pastors from all around the US including GCC’s Lead Pastor, Mark Beeson.  Let me tell you…  This guy is 100% genuine and real.  Without a doubt, he’s the kind of person you really want to listen and learn from.  I appreciated his words of encouragement and wisdom that he shared with all of us. 

It was also great to  connect briefly with Perry and Mark.  Looking forward to their sessions tomorrow…

One of the guys I met at the luncheon today was a pastor by the name of John Jackson.  John is the Senior Pastor of Carson Valley Christian Center in Minden, Nevada.  These guys are seeing some great things happening in a highly unchurched community. And…I was surprised to learn that John is a regular reader of!  How cool is that?? 

Anyway…  After learning that all of the workshops were filled to capacity, John took a good 45 minutes to listen, encourage and offer some invaluable feedback on leadership, strategy and vision.

John – thank you so much.  Seriously, you made my day man…  Check out John’s blog here.

Shane & Shane led us in worship this afternoon and Rob Wegner closed out today’s final session talking about communication.  I’ll throw some notes on that later tonight.  Dinner is calling… 

5 Responses to “Thur PM Granger”

  1. Chris Baker says:

    Shane and Shane are rockin! Man I saw them Tuesday night at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster PA. They never cease to blow me away by allowing God to work through them in there ministry of music. Did they do the song Embracing Accusations? That Song is so awesome. I definitely needed to hear that song, with some struggles in my life I am dealing with lately. Once again. Thanks for your thoughts and things you share.

  2. Man, I wish I was there right now. I went to the Granger conference last year and it was a blast! Have a great time . . .

  3. John Jackson says:

    The priviledge was MINE…my adrenaline was seriously pumping after talking with you…I could sense your heartbeat in about 30 seconds…you love Jesus and want to be faithful….I’m on your side man…you go for the Master!

  4. Hey Scott,
    We are at the ICC…my wife and I would love the chance to meet you. We keep up with you via your blog. In fact, she came in second in your blog banner contest. We’ll look for you Friday.
    Tim & Anita

  5. to be led in worship by shane and shane must be quite an experience… theyre amazin, and their hearts are totally to worship and glorify God

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