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Jan 5, 2006
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Just a quick update on my life….   It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks. 

  • Christmas was great, but busy.  Ran down to southern IL for a quick trip to see family.  After an hour and a half of being there had to take my aunt to the ER.  Went home the next day.  Had fun w/ the sock monkeys.
  • As you know from an earlier post, been walking with a family through a major tragedy in their lives.  So saddened by this…
  • Both of my babies are at home are sick w/ the flu & bronchitis.  :(
  • Had a great First Wednesday last night with Daniel Groves & Band.  We all took some time to journal what we felt God was speaking to us about this coming year.  It was an encouraging night.  Much needed…
  • Today heading downtown to do a video shoot.  Brrrrrrrr…
  • Reading and studying some REALLY interesting ideas/thoughts on the afterlife/heaven/hell/etc…  Really looking forward to the new series starting Jan. 22nd

That’s it for now – gotta run!

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