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Tired Tuesday…

Oct 10, 2006
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These are the eyes of one very tired (and somewhat scary looking…) dude.  But WOW……what a day! 

I ended my evening by teaching our Orchard 101 class – where we had a full group of newcomers gathered to learn about The Orchard’s journey – where we’ve been, where we’re going and how they could take the next step of partnering with our mission. 

I’ve taught this class more times than I can even count, but every time I teach it I get so fired up about the kind of people God seems to bringing to our church community.  And every time we do this class, I’m blown away at the diversity of people who are finding their way into the Orchard community.  All I can say is wow… 

Time for bed.  Long day of WRITING, WRITING, WRITING tomorrow in preparation for our new series launch this coming weekend entitled, "BIG!"  I am CRAZY JAZZED to be taking the next four weeks to talk about the irresistible opportunity that we all have to be a part of something so much BIGGER than ourselves! 


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