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Today is NOT about me.

Feb 8, 2012
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Every Tuesday morning I begin my day with these words: “Today is not about ME.”

That probably sounds a bit arrogant (as if all the other days are about me).  But the truth is, this has become an important mantra for my Tuesdays because it has helped set me free to accomplish what that day is supposed to be about for me – which is devoting as much of my focus and energy into the coaching and development of my team as possible.

When I first started getting serious about this, I really struggled.  See, the problem was that I was still trying to squeeze as much “Scott Stuff” into that day as possible (i.e. email, writing, reading, research, sermon prep, etc…), while at the same time attempting to be fully focused, engaged, and devoted to my team.

But it didn’t work.

Instead, I was walking away on Tuesday afternoons feeling frustrated and deflated because I wasn’t fulfilling all of the unrealistic and unattainable expectations I was setting for myself.  On top of that, I was constantly feeling rushed to finish meetings and appointments so that I could shift my focus to Scott’s stuff.

I finally realized that the only way to fix this was to free myself by going into my that day with a clear understanding and admittance that Tuesdays are NOT about ME.  I even say it out loud as I’m starting my day: “Today is NOT about ME.”  And it never fails – the minute I say that, I feel a sense of relief and freedom from worrying about all the small stuff…that somehow still gets completed.  Imagine that.

Tuesdays are about my team.  And yet…the more I think about it, they’re still just as much about me - but in a different way.  Because now I’m finding myself energized in all kinds of fresh and unique ways as I freely pour myself into my team in the way they deserve, want, and need.

Generosity always wins.

One Response to “Today is NOT about me.”

  1. Tammy says:

    Great advice! It has been awesome to see you pouring in to your team. I am finding that saying “it’s not about me” helps in so many situations. It sometimes becomes my daily mantra!

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