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Trader Joe’s

May 20, 2006


Seth has a great post about one of my favorite places to grab groceries….  Trader Joe’s!

He says (about TJ):

  1. They target a consumer that cares a great deal about what they
    buy at the supermarket.

    As a result, their customers are more loyal,
    and more important, are willing to drive farther to get there. This
    means they can have smaller, lower-rent locations (and fewer of them)
    which drives up sales per square foot and profits.

  2. These customers are big mouths. (He’s got that right!
    They sneeze. When they serve
    something from Trader

2 Responses to “Trader Joe’s”

  1. In looking at the TJ website, there isn’t a store here in Colorado. Locally, Whole Foods and Wild Oats seem to have the market in this arena of the Grocery Store. Sounds like a fun place.

  2. metromom says:

    I DO love Trader Joes, don’t get me wrong. Great Stuff. Great Prices. Great Culture. BUT I must confess on several occasions I have left a 1/2 way full cart of groceries in the middle of an aisle and just walked out. Don’t tell anyone please…It’s just that their aisles are SOOOOOO narrow, people shopping on top of each other. (I’ve been to many of them and most of them are this way, though the one by my Mom’s house used to be a Whole Foods and has WIDE spacious aisles.)

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