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Sep 22, 2005

One of my favorite bloggers is Andrew Jones (a.k.a. tallskinnikiwi).  I’ve been reading Andrew’s blog for a long time now and today he posted something that really struck a chord with me.  (well, maybe not a "chord" – but at least a good conversation piece.)

First the picture (from a church’s website – click for larger image):


Not sure where that is from, but it’s an interesting concept and one that we’ve thought about many times.

When we first began our "turnaround"/transition/whatever you want to call it at The Orchard, we considered doing a couple of different worship environments.  For us, that would have meant doing a "traditional/the way things always were" type service for the "existing" crowd and then a contemporary/emerging gathering for the people we were "really" trying to reach (our demographics and community.) 

After a lot of conversation, prayer and advice from some ministry friends, we decided that trying to reach two different crowds would bring more division than unity into our church.  SO…we decided to focus on the contemporary/emerging approach (not to say that the emerging church has an "approach" per se…but you get my point…)

For us, that is our focus right now.  And it’s definitely the right thing.  But I’m curious as to what some of you have found to be effective (or not) in terms of doing more than one worship environment.  (Not to be confused with multi-site; unless other sites have a completely different approach/feel/style – which I would love to hear about.) 

Talk on.

4 Responses to “Traditional, Contemporary, Emerging”

  1. Gary says:

    Scott, this has been our vision since we started. We are looking to video venues on campus.
    We are looking at Easter to launching more a boomerish worship venue and by fall a unplugged and a traditonal to go along with our current one.
    I don’t have any answers as we are just now exploring it but if you want to bounce ideas off of each other, just email me.

  2. Or you guys could bounce ideas off of each other live on this blog for the good of the group.
    I’ll just hang out over here in the corner and pay attention. :)

  3. Don’t worry about it. I don’t know if my thinking is emergent or not, and quite frankly don’t care. We worry too much about such things, style of worship, or whatever. Seek God, listen to the input of your congregation, and don’t be so hung up on these things and you’ll be amazed at how God will work in your midst.

  4. Blair Farley says:

    Our church (100 years old) launched a series of video venues at Easter this past year and we have experienced some great things out of it. It has allowed the music style preference people have to be met in a way that does not in any way create division or dissention. Our “Big Room” did not change style at all so if you were happy in there you did not need to try something new… we were going after those who prefer a more traditional service and one with a rock and roll edge. Growth has happened in these venues and outreach as well… in other words we have not just reshuffled the deck, but we have in effect added cards.

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