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Transition Talk

Nov 17, 2005

In about an hour, I will be meeting with a leadership team from a local church that is in the midst of church transition/turnaround.  The pastor read the article I recently wrote for Leadership Journal and he and I connected for lunch and that led to him asking me to spend some time answering questions and talking about the process of change and transition with their team. 

I’m really looking forward to it – mainly because I remember what it was like for us when we were in the "thick" of transition and how helpful it was when we had the opportunity to connect with other leaders & pastors who had been where we were at. 

This is really an answer to prayer for God to use the article to help advance churches that are on the verge of transition.  I’m blown away…

4 Responses to “Transition Talk”

  1. yeh, yeh, but how did the Napolean Dynamite chapel service go? :-)

  2. Ben says:

    Scott, what type of transition are they making? Are they transitioning to a new leader? Or are they transitioning into a new way of doing ministry? Just curious. It’d be great to hear their story and how your experiences helped them through. Thanks!

  3. Chris Bell says:

    Well, I am the pastor of the church Scott mentioned… we are a 40 year old congregation that is transitioning to a much more progressive model but still has elements that aren’t sure it is the right move. I wanted our leaders who know and love the classic church to see a picture of “the other side” of transition. Thanks again Scott for your hospitality and time.

  4. Dave says:

    One of the things that I had to remind myself during our transition was that, if this is what God is wanting to do to make the church more effective in leading people to Christ, then who am I to argue againt it. We have a lot more at stake than personal preferances and comforts, there is an enternal destination at stake for those who may or may not be saved from eternal seperation from God. Change that allows God’s Spirit room to work, is always good change. We have been praying for our leaders to have strength and courage and are continuing to do so.

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