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Tuesday, 1:28AM

Jun 27, 2006

Thanks everyone for your input on the Adobe stuff…  Both of those programs are a bit intimidating at first glance, but I’m looking forward to messin’ around with them.

A few misc. thoughts that are swirlin’ around my head at 1:20AM…

  • I’m leaving early in the morning for Bloomington, IL for a quick trip down for some church stuff.  Did you know that Bloomington is the Vicadin capital of the world?  Ok, I’m kidding.  Totally made that up just now.  (I’m tired plus I really felt like that sentence needed a little "umph!"
  • We have 2 teams heading out on missions trips this month. I’m REALLY excited because I believe these are the start of something really, really big that we’re going to be a part of in the next couple of years at The Orchard.
  • We’ve just made a couple of GREAT additions to our team!  Lots of change!  More on that later…
  • This past weekend I talked a little bit about water baptism and I was so excited to see how many people signed up after our services for our upcoming "BBQ & Baptism" that we do every year in August.  Can’t wait!
  • This series "Seasons" that we’ve been in has been really good.  The feedback I’ve gotten from people has been really, really encouraging. 
  • Looked out at the crowd this last weekend and thought, "WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE?!"  So many new faces… 
  • Looking forward to some time off from teaching this summer.  Breaking out of the week by week message prep & planning will be really nice and MUCH needed!  I’ve got some great friends lined up to fill in for a few weeks.  Also hoping to do some writing and LOTS of reading…
  • I’m totally freaked out at how fast my oldest daughter, Elise, is growing up.  Holy smokes!  Watched a few minutes of "Father of the Bride" today and started feeling funny – like I was going to throw the TV out the window.  (And she’s only 6…)
  • On my iPod: new Keane, The Afters, Coldplay (Parachutes), The Fray, Hillsong United (not sure if I like this yet…), INXS, Massive Attack, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sarah McLachlan, Starfield (a couple of good songs…), Switchfoot, Todd Fields, U2, Yellowcard, Zero 7.  (Too tired to link all of these, sorry.)
  • I might be dealing with another one of these again.  I’m hearing some funky sounds in the vents in one area of the house.  Daggumit. 

That’s it.  Better go to bed…

2 Responses to “Tuesday, 1:28AM”

  1. dude – i’ve got the perfect way for you to decide whether you like hillsong united or not. come down to baton rouge for that 10-lb weight gain i promised you – come for the first of august – they’ll be here at healing place church that night. i’ll get you in free.
    ok. it’s a free concert. everything we do is free. but i’ll get you a good seat. how’s that sound?

  2. emma Boyd says:

    The Hillsong United one is a grower for sure… I wasn’t sure I really liked it when I first got it, but I really do now… some awesome lyrics!

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