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Tuesday Morning A.D.D. Post

Aug 5, 2008

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A LOT on my mind!!

  • Back in my routine after 5 weeks off from teaching.  The break was great and much needed, but I’m ready to dive back in!
  • It’s crazy busy around The Orchard as we prepare for a HUGE weekend ahead – our BBQ & Baptism where we’ll baptize at least 120 people (probably more after the services this weekend…).
  • I’m looking forward to speaking at MinistryCom coming up on September 18-19 in Oklahoma City.  If you are involved in any “communication” aspect of your church, you should consider being there!  It’s a one of a kind conference.
  • There are some REALLY BIG things going on in my heart that I’m looking forward to sharing more about in the days ahead!  
  • My son, Alex, just turned 1.  Holy smokes, did that go by fast, or what!?!!

That’s it.  Gotta go.  Picking up GIORDANO’S for our staff today!! 

4 Responses to “Tuesday Morning A.D.D. Post”

  1. Erik says:

    Good luck on that BBQ and Baptism, Erika is going to be there for it and she seems excited.

  2. terry timm says:

    so jealous for GIORDANO’S. headed to leadership summit satellite site tomorrow and friday here in pittsburgh. i miss being on-site in chicago; nothing even close to GIORDANO’S .
    btw: where are you listening to the hillsongs CD – i saw the release was delayed until next tuesday?

  3. dan says:

    are you going to twitter or ustream from that conference? Are there any ustream events happening soon?

  4. What’s Alex’s birthday? My son turned one on August 6th. Congrats! (or whatever other term would be appropriate regarding your child turning a year older…)

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