Scott Hodge


Twisted Elf

Sep 27, 2006

(click for larger image)

So I pulled up at a stop light this morning and there it was – smiling at me with its silly little grin holding some sort of toy or upside down mushroom. 

What is this thing???  Some sort of elf or little Santa man?  And why is he so happy at 6:55am??

This thing has been stalking my brain all day.  It’s almost like he’s offering me a hit, "Hey dude, have a hit of my mushroom…You won’t be sorry!" 

I think I need counseling…

4 Responses to “Twisted Elf”

  1. Joni Ruhs says:

    I agree about the counseling man. It was a gnome. Move on.

  2. Chip Sanders says:

    It’s a gnome. Maybe you should travel more????

  3. Your reaction is totally normal. Weird elves with mushrooms are bad news, man.

  4. Tony says:

    I second Chip’s quip. I was going to say its just the travel gnome, don’t worry bout it!
    But really…that is just freaky. Who puts that on their truck?

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