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Twitterin’ Fool…

May 13, 2008


I have to admit….I’m really having fun with this whole Twitter thing.

"What’s Twitter?", you ask.

Twitter is sort of like blogging, but on a much smaller scale.  140 characters to be exact.

Here’s how it works:

I post something short and simple either via the web or text messaging.


Then, the crazy stalker people (kidding…) who subscribe to my Twitter receive an instant update via text messaging or on their Twitter page (txt alerts are optional…)


But here’s where it starts getting fun….

When you read a Twitter you like, you can reply to it and comment back.


To tell you the truth, Twittering can be a bit addictive BUT it’s PERFECT for my ADD self and a pretty amazing way to communicate quickly with a whole lot of people. 

To try it out or to subscribe to my Twitter, go to my Twitter page: and click on "Join Today."  It’s that easy!

4 Responses to “Twitterin’ Fool…”

  1. David Wegley says:

    There’s a good video description of why you should jump on a twitter account. Link

  2. Chris Baker says:

    Hey! Thats me up there!
    You should check out – keeps you working on stuff without the refreshing the browser all the time, so less distracted. :)
    I’m one of your stalkers – its great reading your Tweets :)

  3. Pete Wilson says:

    I made your twitter page! Yesssss!

  4. Sherry says:

    Twitter is neat but the stalker thing does come to mind everytime and I always delete whatever I type. I found Reuben purely by accident (some link). My twitter signon is Sherrys. See you soon.

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