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Twittering & Blogging from Q

Apr 9, 2008
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DJ Chuang has the 411.  From his blog:

I’ll be live-twittering (very similar to live-blogging, but shorter & faster) at the Q conference here in New York City! things kick off at 10:00am Eastern

Follow me @ for real-time updates from Q in Gotham Hall, New York City!

Live-blogging will be provided by Scott Hodge! Sitting with Jenni Catron of – women & leadership

Fermi Blog will be linking to us, sweet! :) Free wifi is open to all here – SSID = WizardStudiosNY


One Response to “Twittering & Blogging from Q”

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Scott, Jenni is the executive director at Cross Point. Small world. I love her to death, glad you got to meet her.

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