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TXT #2

Aug 17, 2010

Here’s the next batch…

Q: Why is it good to laugh?

A: Oh man…  Learning to laugh at ourselves, with others, even sometimes at the craziness, confusion, and pain in our lives is so healthy and good for us.  And while we can certainly laugh at the wrong things (i.e. the demise or failures of others), there’s something powerful about finding the humor, joy, and irony in our own journeys.

If you’re finding the laughter levels in your life at a low, ask yourself why.  Perhaps you’re taking yourself too seriously.  Maybe you are too focused on what your situation is saying instead of what God is saying. Or maybe you’re depressed and just need to reach out for help.

Laughter is good.  Do it often.

Q: What is best sex advice for a married couple?

A: Do it often and with each other only.

Q: Will we be having more Beta Communities at The Orchard again in the fall?

A: Yes, keep an eye on The Orchard’s website for sign-ups and more info!

Q: How would you help a person you suspect is in an abusive relationship?

A: I’m not a professional counselor, but here’s my advice:

First, find out if they are being abused or not.  Be sensitive in how you approach this.  If they are, find out how open they are to your help.  If they’re not, then simply let them know you are there for them and assure them that they can reach out to you at anytime.  Be sensitive!  Don’t get angry if they’re not ready to reach out for help.

If your friend is ready for your help, then I’d suggest working on a safety plan (which probably involves getting the heck away from the person abusing them), help them reach out (crisis line/counseling/etc…), and then just be an amazing friend for them as they journey through this.

Here are a couple of links that may be helpful:

National Domestic Violence Hotline
Childhelp: Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse

There is probably better advice or help on this topic online.

More tomorrow.

4 Responses to “TXT #2”

  1. Jennifer Prim says:

    Thank you – still didn’t get to mine … So I’m goin to just ask. What do you think about a single. Christian woman adopting a child? I thiink “Christians” believe both father and mother are of equal importance in a childs life. And I do to. But what if your “old” and God has you single still :o) there are so many needy kids out there – would it be better for a child to have a single parent that loves them – then no-one at all?

  2. Tracy S. says:

    ooohhh….I have to know the answer as well to Jennifer’s question…please :)

  3. Scott Hodge says:

    Great question Jennifer! Not sure I have a great answer to it, but I’ll chew on it a little bit and try to answer in the next few days. Thanks!

  4. Jennifer Prim says:

    Thanks Scott !! Had to ask a tough one :o) I have been thinking it might just all boil down to the individual – Following Gods leading and plan. But I had to know what you think … Cuz i think in a ” normal ” church- they may not approve …

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