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Typepad Formatting

May 25, 2008

Hey Typepad users…

Has anyone else noticed how this new typepad formatting causes there to be too much spaceing happening between paragraphs?

Anyone know how to fix this?

9 Responses to “Typepad Formatting”

  1. Jim Rogers says:

    Probably have to go into the CSS file and adjust it.

  2. boyd bettis says:

    try holding shift when you press the space bar. that should help.
    are you using firefox or safari?

  3. Ben says:

    The new compose editor is lousy…

  4. Steve McCoy says:

    Don’t know of any way to fix it. I’m frustrated with the new editor as well.

  5. Chris S. says:

    Best way to fix it is by switching to wordpress :-)

  6. Chad Payne says:

    The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t put a space at all between some paragraphs. Overall though, I like the new editor. It works better in Safari. I’m sure they’ll get the bugs out.

  7. Nick Poole says:

    I would have to agree with Chris – WordPress is a lot easier to use, and it’s free!

  8. Anil Dash says:

    Hi Scott, sorry for the frustration! i work with the TypePad team, and we’re happy to help you troubleshoot this. If you want to drop a line to our support team by filing a help ticket (especially if you mention which browser you’re using) we’ll be happy to get you squared away.
    We’ll definitely get the bugs fixed, and thanks for being a TypePad member — we appreciate it!

  9. Jim Mueller says:

    We typically compose using Word, and then paste into TypePad, so haven’t noticed the issue.
    What you’re describing can probably be fixed with a CSS adjustment.
    Try using [CTRL]+[ENTER] between paragraphs, instead of just [ENTER].
    And yes, WordPress would be an excellent ‘solution’– however, you will have issues migrating your data into WordPress.

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