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Uncertainty Continues!

Jan 30, 2009
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These past few weeks we've been in a series entitled "Uncertainty."  And of course, at the core of so 

many people's concerns, worries, fears, etc…. is the issue of their MONEY.  So last weekend we spent some time exploring what the scriptures have to say about this ginormous subject.

We learned three important things: God is my source.  I'm a manager – not an owner.  I must manage well.  The implications of these three things are HUGE.

This weekend we are going to be joined by an Orchard friend and professional financial planner by the name of John Groleau.  Together, we are going to gain a
greater understanding of how we can be great managers over the
resources God has given us in some very practical ways.

But here's the part that I'm most excited about:
With the help of our friends over at Jarbyco….we are going to give our church community the 
opportunity to help guide our discussion this weekend!

During all weekend services we are going to give people a special number to text message their questions in to for our guest.  And then we'll answer as many of those questions as we can get to at each service.

So….Orchard Community – whether it's in regards to budgeting, saving, spending, investing,
planning or any other aspect of financial management, come prepared to
ask your questions!

Can't wait!  This is going to be a very important weekend at The Orchard!

One Response to “Uncertainty Continues!”

  1. Ron Heitman says:

    Scott, I like the Uncertainty theme! Definitely hitting the theme of people’s hearts. How did you like Godwin’s book? Interesting guy and read.

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