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Unleash 2007 at NewSpring

Jan 24, 2007


One of the things that I love about our team is our teachability factor.  It’s evident to me that we all value intentionally surrounding ourselves with people who are further along on the journey than we are.  Personally, I just feel downright lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of friends who are doing what I’m doing – but way better!

One of those friends is Perry Noble.  Perry is the Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina.  (a.k.a. – The Land of No Starbucks…) 

On a side (A.D.D.) note…

I’ve grown up around churchianity my ENTIRE life and have known a LOT of pastors – of small churches AND big churches.  And let me tell you how rare it is to find a guy like Perry who pastors a booming church that is reaching thousands of people each weekend, yet who maintains such a strong level of humility and authenticity. 

Man, it is sooooo refreshing!  And that’s why Perry is a guy that I want to be around and learn from. And it’s also why I’m excited about Unleash 2007 – NewSpring’s first ever conference for pastors and church leaders. 

Unleash is going to be a one day conference happening on Thursday, March 15th at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina.   And here’s the best part…  It’s only FORTY  FIVE FREAKIN’ DOLLARS!  $45!  You can’t even take Perry to Starbucks for that price!

And here’s the deal…  This is not about trying to turn your church into a "NewSpring" clone.  In fact, you’re lame if you even try to do that!  BUT, there are some things that God has taught the NewSpring team that we can ALL learn from and apply to some degree in our unique and distinct settings.

Anyway…  I’m excited about it and am going to do whatever I can to be there.  (Even though there is no Starbucks in Anderson…)

If you’re not familiar with Perry or NewSpring, click the links below and start learning!

NewSpring Church

Perry’s Blog

Unleash 2007

3 Responses to “Unleash 2007 at NewSpring”

  1. Joni says:

    Would a Starbucks drink holder be considered carry on luggage? Perhaps it would be in violation of the liquids restrictions. Better drive it out there.

  2. Flaviu Pop says:

    i’m planning on being there. Mike too. i hope we get to connect while in SC. i love Perry!!!

  3. Niki says:

    thank you …thank you.. thank you…for your very kind words about NewSpring…This church has change my life and my families lives…and we all strive to change even more lives and folks like you help us get the word out to the lost and spiritually deprived…I’ll be voluntering for the Conference and we want it to be the best experience that the attendees have ever had…thanks again for your promotion…God be with you…Niki Irby

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