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Jan 13, 2010
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Pastors….church leaders – it doesn't take very long to slip into "comfort" mode, does it?  Believe me, I know how it is.  If we're not careful, we get pulled too much into the day to day "stuff" and before we know it, our thinking and dreaming begins to decline….we gradually slip into maintenance mode…..and next thing we know, our focus has become more about micromanaging and maintaining than it has about the things that really matter most.

The solution?  Well for me, one of the things that always seems to help me regain focus and vision is getting AWAY from the familiar and getting around people who are thinking….dreaming….and doing things that are bigger (and different) than what I'm doing.

So here's an opportunity to do that.  Unleash.   

It's hosted by my friend Perry Noble and his team at NewSpring Church.  (If you don't know much about  NewSpring or their story, you need to.  It's evident God's hand is on NewSpring.  He's blessing it and people's lives are being changed.)

Unleash is NewSpring's dream of sharing what they're learning on their journey with fellow pastors & church leaders across America.  And pastors, listen…this isn't about you or your church becoming a "NewSpring" cloneThis is about seeing first hand how a local church is doing an incredible job of being who God has called them to be for the people God has best positioned them to reach.  And seeing that done really well….is worth a trip – especially if you and your team need to be yanked out of your comfort zones and given a fresh dose of inspiration and encouragement. 

Here's the link.  Check it out.  It's happening on March 4th, 2010 in Andersen, South Carolina. (BTW….it's only $59/person.)

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I think Danny Ray would be a great speaker/ performer for this Unleash 2010 event. Danny definitely dreams big and shares the Gospel through powerful illusions. Do you know who is in charge of speakers/entertainers? This just looks like an awesome conference!

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