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UnStuck Video Bumper

Aug 15, 2007





We began a new series last weekend at The Orchard entitled, "UnStuck."  It’s a series about change in our lives.  This is a video piece we created to use each weekend before my talk.  Has a nice edge and I think creates a pretty good tension that is great for me to follow up with.

5 Responses to “UnStuck Video Bumper”

  1. Anne Jackson says:

    The lettering overlay is aweeesooomme.

  2. Joshua says:

    That is pretty slick… it’s not overly produced, but has some seriously tight edits…
    from one video producer, your guys did a great job. Loved the Linkin Park tune as the background too.

  3. Chilly... says:

    how’s life? how’s the baby?

  4. Nice work – where do you get footage for stuff like that?

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