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Valentine’s Day (aka – A year’s worth of dating my spouse shoved into one day)

Feb 14, 2008


I’ve got to be honest.  I don’t really care much at all for Valentine’s Day.  There’s just something about expressing my love to someone via a Valentine’s Day card or gift that feels fake, forced and flat out cheesy. 

And yes, I know…  That was kinda harsh.

But while I’m at it, I have to wonder how many of us men use Valentine’s Day as a "make up" day for all the OTHER days throughout the year that we SHOULD have been romancing our wives and expressing our love in creative, fun ways to our children and loved ones.

As you can see, I have not yet had any coffee this morning. 

I think it’s time.

8 Responses to “Valentine’s Day (aka – A year’s worth of dating my spouse shoved into one day)”

  1. Ha! Get ‘em, Scott. But get some coffee, first.

  2. metromom says:

    ALL holidays are forced reminders of things and commercialized beyond belief. Of course flower makers and card makers and chocolate makers and car makers and…well, just about everyone seeks to capitalize on this celebration…BUT does that mean we do away with ‘em all? I think your heart has shrunk two sizes too small. :)
    Maybe you don’t buy into the commercialization or over priced restaurants but you do buy into love. So celebrate with your own tradition and make it your way. Life can become monotonous… and I welcome any special reminder to celebrate and make any day special. Sure we should be doing it without the reminder. But you know as well as I, our busy days can turn into busy weeks and busy months. A day set aside to reflect on the love you have can’t be all that bad, now can it?
    You can tell I haven’t had my coffee yet either. A little feisty, eh?

  3. Ha ha… sounds like someone forgot to get their wife a Valentine’s gift!

  4. ted says:

    metromom: good thing you 2 are not in the same state…2 people with no coffee, ouch! :-)
    ps. nothing says “i love you” like a eCard on valetines day! now that is cheesy! …and i have had my coffee :-)

  5. Katy Geshay says:

    I’ve been married for 35 years this June and for 33 of those years, my husband felt the same way you do about Valentine’s day. He resented having Hallmark tell him to spend his money on a card to give to his wife. Finally last year I told him I knew he didn’t like it and didn’t want it dictating to him that he must show me love that day. I understood that. But I explained to him that women like it because it’s a pretty holiday. It’s colors and softness and gentleness are attractive to us. So, I asked him to consider that fact when he so easily dismissed that holiday as stupid. I also assured him that he shows me how much he loves me the other 364 days a year and I know he doesn’t need this day to remind me of that. I made a simple request, though, to let ME enjoy that day with him. So, he did. I woke up last year to red and white balloons all over the kitchen, roses, candy, a card, and a few other gifts all over the kitchen table. It took my breath away because it was the first time he celebrated this for me. I cried with joy and I told him so when I called to thank him. This morning was no different. He thought of me again and it was beautiful. His whole attitude about Valentine’s Day changed when he focused on me instead of how it might make him look. Just a thought from a very loved, and grateful wife!

  6. Harsh? Maybe. True? Yes. Love the graphic…

  7. Dude….that is the best picture ever! I don’t know why, but I’m laughing hysterically. Now, that’s not very sanctified….

  8. Ellen says:

    Although I’m a week late with this comment, just wanted to chime in that I totally agree with you, and I don’t think it has to do with being bitter about being single. :)
    Nancy Gibbs had a great anti-Valentine’s Day editorial in Time last week. Key quote:
    “True romance comes unscheduled . . . Over time, as it ripens into devotion, still it improvises, a favor rendered, a sudden kiss, a private joke, flowers for no reason. Its expression is the very opposite of the fretful, ‘preorder now, or be left with drug-store chocolates’ connivances that the day promotes. For those who feel well loved, every day, of course is Valentine’s. For the rest, no card can console.”

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