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Valuing The Journey…

Aug 13, 2009

Recently, Amanda and I, and our three kids all piled into our super sweet sexy mini-van for a six-hour road trip up to Minnesota. And I’ll be honest…  The first couple hours of the trip were…….well, they were a mess.  Horrible actually.  Traffic was out of control, my kids were acting possessed by bored demons on crack, I was tired, and frankly…..I just wanted to GET THERE! 

Which is EXACTLY what the problem was!

I had become so focused on “getting there” that I wasn’t (at all) enjoying or valuing the journey itself.

I think that’s an easy thing to let happen in our own lives isn’t it?  We become so focused on just “getting” to the destination (Heaven/Calling/Destiny/Dream Job/Fill in the Blank…) that we don’t value the journey of actually getting there! 

Which is a problem.

Because the journey is the place where God seems to form us and shape us into the people He created us to be.

The bumpy road.  The loud children.  The heavy traffic.  The flat tires.  The break downs.  It’s all a part of the journey, isn’t it?

Yet, even in those moments I have to believe that there’s something happening beneath the surface.  That there’s something in me that is being formed and shaped…..and that is somehow going to make the destination all that much sweeter.

So let’s value the journey – not just the destination.

It sure helped our road trip once I made that decision. (And seriously, thanks Amanda for the motivation…)

Wanna hear more?  Click here (direct .mp3 link) to download last weekend's talk at The Orchard where I broke this down further and gave a few practical ways we can value the journey.

2 Responses to “Valuing The Journey…”

  1. Stephanie Gulland says:

    Seriously AWESOME Scott! Several friends had the link to this posting on their status updates on Facebook. Gotta love technology! Going to listen to your talk right now. Need the motivation & inspiration!
    Love to your family from the Gullands!

  2. Abe says:

    Good stuff, Bro. I miss you!

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