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May 16, 2006

Need some technology advice…

Looking to post a video blog (vblog?) on my site and I need to know what ya’ll would suggest I use for the hosting.  I’d like to have it play directly on my page if possible.

Any ideas/thoughts? 


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  1. Dusty Leggs says:

    I suggest either or Myspace is a bit clearer, but youtube is more reliable. I have both on my site you can check out if you want.

  2. Kevin says:, or I like them all.

  3. chris g says:

    castpost, way better, more control, the key is having multiple accounts and managing the size of each video. if you any ?’s let me know.
    another good one is zippy videos. unlimited amount of videos

  4. David Wegley says:

    You can also get a .Mac account. $100 bucks plus you get an online HD, email address, and website.

  5. Chris Baker says: is pretty popular as well, from what I can tell. May be good for your needs. Not sure what your all looking for? Or what fee’s you want to put out.

  6. greg connour says:

    nice meeting you yesterday.. as far as video hosting youtube probably is the best i’ve seen as far as integrating easily with a blog, although i recently found it looks cooler, but i havent had time to try it yet.

  7. clay says: rocks.

  8. Patrick Murphy says:

    I just posted a you tube video last night. Check it out.

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