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Weapons of Choice

Oct 6, 2010

Collide Magazine recently asked me to contribute to their “Weapons of Choice” feature for a recent issue.  Other contributors included Carlos Whittaker, Barton Damer, DJ Chuang, Michael Buckingham, and others.  You can read the entire feature here.

Thought I’d share my weapon list in this post, but would also love for you to share yours in the comment section.  Here’s mine:

Action Method
This is the Getting Things Done system for creatives. Action Method is flexible and allows you to organize based on you rather than a “set” system.

Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect makes my online coaching community run smoothly. It’s expensive, but the consistency and features are amazing. My likes: consistent video quality, voice via phone (which saves bandwidth), multimedia capabilities, and a great iPhone app.

TUL Black Retractable Gel Pen
I love a good pen. I have a small collection of Mont Blancs that either belonged to my dad or were gifts. But I also lose things, so I no longer travel with them. I’ve found a good alternative in the TUL pen (only available at OfficeMax).

It’s the Scott Hodge Brain Collection Agency. Evernote is a great place to store things such as articles, documents, spreadsheets, quotes, photos, emails, screenshots, voice memos, design ideas, etc. And the best part? It’s free.

15-inch i7 MacBook Pro
I’m going into my fifth year using a Mac. I love it, and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G
I move around a lot, and there’s nothing worse than paying a gazillion dollars for airport or hotel Internet access. The Sprint Overdrive works great and allows you to share the signal via WiFi with up to five users.

Mindjet MindManager
Mindmapping has forever changed my life. I use it to prepare teachings, organize projects, jot down ideas, and prepare articles like this one. There are also some great (and free) online alternatives.

Google Apps
I love me some Google. Our entire team uses it for everything from docs to email to calendars. It’s easy to share and Google even offers the business edition free to non-profits.

I’ve been using the black, hard cover, ruled notebook for more than five years. I use it every day for everything from journaling to sketching creative designs and ideas.

I love great food! Yelp has a great iPhone app for finding the sweet eateries in whatever city you’re visiting.

Skype is still the best and most consistent call and video quality I can find. It’s the way I stay connected to my family when I’m out of the country.

Your turn!

7 Responses to “Weapons of Choice”

  1. Blane Young says:

    I had a question about your weapons…

    Do you type all of your moleskine into Evernote after a certain interval of time?

    I used to be a moleskine fanatic but it is so difficult to search and I hate the re-typing stage.


    What is your proces here?

  2. Adam Lehman says:

    Things – to do manager
    Evernote – duh
    Nuevasync – syncs across google calender & ical
    omm writer – makes writing peaceful and focused – forces me to write a book

  3. mo says:

    Cool list man :)

    I’m PC, so my organizational weapon of choice is OneNote. I love it.

    My Evo 4G from Sprint has been indispensable lately. I can blog and take hi-res photo/video from it, listen to books, and play Alchemy.

    ElegantThemes is the bomb for wordpress themes.

    Firebug plugin for FireFox has been clutch in a bunch of sites I’ve done recently, including my own. dont know how I coded without it.

    I love that you mention GTD by the way :)

  4. Mark Collier says:

    Evo 4g

  5. Delicious – Bookmarking on the cloud
    Wallet – All my serial numbers, username & passwords, and credit card numbers, all in one place.
    GarageSale – To list sweet eBay items
    JollysFastVNC – So I can control any computer in our offices
    Cyberduck – Access to office server from anywhere
    Adium – All in one Instant Messenger. Log in with several IM accounts at once.
    Caffeine – Stop your Mac from going asleep.

    I could do a whole list of iOS apps, but I won’t.

  6. Scott – buy some G2 Gel pens. Buy some Mont Blanc roller ball refills. Cut a smidge of plastic off the top end of the MB refills (about 1/16 to 1/8 inch, it is purely cosmetic). Insert MB refill into G2 pen. For $8 you have a pen that writes like Mont Blanc but doesn’t crush you if you lose it. I love my Mont Blanc, but it does NOT leave my desk. G2MB’s go everywhere with me.

    And the TUL pens rock, I keep them on hand too. And a fountain pen for when I feel like it. Yes, I might like pens a little too much.

  7. BTW – credit where credit is due – the MB hack came from LifeHacker about 3 years ago IIRC.

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